Our Mission



Western  Resources For Independent Living is a center for independent living for  the disabled and elderly. Our work is guided by our mission, purpose,  and values statements.

Mission: We assist people of all ages and disabilities on their path to lifelong independence.  
Purpose: We believe all people deserve to live as independently as they choose within their communities.  


Our work will be guided by our beliefs and commitment to:
Community: We endeavor to educate community members to better support our purpose.  
Empowerment: We empower people to acquire the knowledge, tools, and information needed to experience a life of independence and self-will.  
Excellence: We build on our accomplishments to continuously exceed expectations, and are committed to quality.  
Inclusiveness: We respect people and value diversity.  
Integrity: We  conduct ourselves with the highest standards of professional behavior  while staying transparent, honest, and ethical in all interactions.